Can You Eat Coyote: [Taste & Nutritional Facts]

People from various parts of the world are known for eating various types of cuisine. People in the south might be known for their fried foods, whereas people of the west might be known for seafood. While there are different groups of individuals known for eating specific types of cuisine, there are also those that live on the fringes and eat some of the most exotics meats in the world. Meats that others would consider exotic or taboo. Meats like coyote!  So, can you eat coyote?

You can eat coyote meat, there is a whole subculture of people that eat coyote meat. They even claim that coyote meat can be quiet delicious if prepared adequately.

That aside, the first thing that needs to know is that coyote, like other meats, is safe to eat as long as it is cooked thoroughly and properly.

As a matter of fact, there are no known or reported cases of anyone contracting CWD disease from eating coyote. However, the same cannot be said about deer.

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What Does Coyote Taste Like

Coyote meat, like many other types of meat, is going to vary in taste depending on how it is cooked. It can also depend on where the animal comes from. Animals that come from the far north tend to taste a little bit different than animals that come from the south.

This is because they are exposed to different environments and snack on different cuisine. That aside, coyote is a meat that can be soft and chewy. It is similar to that of fishy and chewy meat, tender down to the very touch.

This will be even so truer for the animals that are killed in the north. The cooler climates will have a tenderizing and softening effect on the meat. All in all, the best way to describe the taste of coyote meat would be to say that it is similar to that of a cat or dog.

Some people have even said that when cooked and infused with their favorite barbecue sauces, they’d never notice the difference between coyote meat and pulled pork.

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Coyote Meat Nutrition

Many are going to be shocked to hear it, but surprisingly enough, coyote meat is actually good for your health. This is because it contains healthier properties than what you’d find in other domesticated animals like cattle, sheep, and pigs.

It not only has less fat, but it is much lower in cholesterol, which is something a lot of individuals could use a lot less of these days.

Regardless, coyote meat is not only safe to eat when cooked properly, but it turns out it is actually good for you. It’s low in sodium and serves as a good source of protein, Riboflavin, and vitamin B12. You’ll also find a fair share of zinc and iron in the meat as well.

Anyone with cardiovascular disease, hypertension gout, or diabetes could greatly benefit from coyote and similar meats, as they are high in such a good protein.


Everyone has to eat. Some people eat more, some people eat less, some eat only specific foods, whereas some are willing to eat anything that is put in front of them. Some people even strive to eat the most exotic and wild meats that they can get their hands on.

Coyote might not be considered a rare animal, but there is no denying that consuming its meats is considered a rare practice by many.

Despite this, it offers a meal that is deliciously high in protein and filled with a healthy amount of zinc, iron, and vitamin B12. People with specific cardiovascular diseases can even benefit from eating the meat given that it is so high in such a quality protein.

All in all, coyote meat is a safe type of meat that can be consumed as long as it is cooked thoroughly and properly. Thorough and proper cooking would be making sure that the meat is well done all the way through before consumption.

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