Squirrel Nest Box Review – Is It Worth It

Having squirrels in your backyard can be fun and exciting. Furthermore, it can be very rewarding. If you care for and feed the squirrels, you’ll be able to convince them to stick around. However, you’ll want to consider giving them a place to sleep and feel safe.

With a squirrel nest box, you’ll be able to solve this problem. Squirrel houses are great but you’ll want to find the right one. The house from Holley may be the best option. It’ll be explored in greater depth below.

Custom Made

First and foremost, you should know that the Squirrel Nest Box has been custom made. It is manufactured in the United States by vets. Furthermore, it is made using raw materials from America.

This ensures that you’re going to get the best quality possible. You can rest assured knowing that your box is going to last a lifetime. The real Ohio hard pine will not split or rot easily. You’ll also give back to American vets who fought for your freedom.

Can be found on Amazon here, Squirrel Houses.

Great For Squirrels

This box is specifically made for squirrels. This decreases the likelihood that a big is going to take over and move in. Instead, the box is suitable for red fox and gray squirrels.

Once you’ve installed the box outside on a tree, there is a good chance that a squirrel is going to move in. If you want to help squirrels in your yard survive through the winter, this box will make a great investment.

Ohio Hard Pine

It is pertinent to choose a squirrel box that is going to last. Furthermore, it needs to protect the animal from the harsh winters. This is why you’re going to love the Holley Squirrel Nest Box. With this one, you can guarantee that your friend is going to be protected.

Thanks to the Ohio hard pine, this house is better insulated than the alternatives. This wood is an excellent insulator so it is going to work great for keeping the squirrel warm. It is better than red cedar, cypress, and plywood.

Not Aromatic

You’ll find that some wood is aromatic. This can be very problematic because it’ll put the squirrel at risk. You have to prevent this from happening. If you expose a squirrel to aromatic wood, it might kill it.

This is why you need to avoid red cedar, plywood, and chipboard. With Ohio hard pine, you won’t have to worry about this. The wood is not aromatic so it is not going to harm the animal. These boxes are built with a heavy emphasis placed on the animal’s habits and safety.

Built To Order

Another great thing about these houses is the fact that they’re built to order. This means that you’re not getting a box that was mass produced. Instead, someone is going to build your box after you’ve placed your order. This ensures that you’re going to receive a high-quality product.

You’ll know that it was built by hand. So, you’re going to receive a stronger and more durable product. Since it is made by US veterans using raw materials from the United States, you know it is going to last a lifetime.

Your Name On It

You may want to put your name on the box. Or, you might want to name your squirrel. Well, you should know that the company can help. The company is happy to brand logos onto the house. This ensures that you’re able to customize the box and make it unique.

However, you can keep it plain too. If you don’t want a name stamped onto the house, you can tell the company and these send you a plain house.


Some squirrel nest boxes are very small. This means that they might not offer enough space for two squirrels. Or, they might not be able to accommodate one. This won’t be an issue with the Holley Box. This company builds bigger boxes to ensure that they’re going to work great for two squirrels. If you want to house two squirrels, this box will do the trick.


Finally, you should know that this box is beautiful. It is a handmade beauty. There is nothing else like it on the market. You could buy mass produced product but they cannot compete with handmade products from the United States.


  • Safe for the squirrels

  • Can accommodate two squirrels

  • Beautiful

  • Built to last

  • Ohio hard pine is a good insulator


  • Slightly more expensive

Overall Assessment

With the Holley Squirrel Box, you’re going to spend a little more but it’ll be worth it. The box is made by hand ensuring that you’re going to get the best quality possible. Furthermore, it is safe and you’re giving back to American veterans.

Although it is costlier than some of the alternatives, you cannot go wrong with this box.

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